Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Krista Ferguson Photography

Our Fall Swap Spotlight today is not on a vendor but on our Swap Photographer, Krista Ferguson. Krista came on board as our official photographer this summer. She took some photos for us at the Spring Swap in Rickreall and we were blown away by what she captured. Her photos are fantastic and show us a side of the swaps most of us miss - the little details. She takes her job very seriously, but she makes it seem effortless as she blends into the crowd. We are thrilled to have her as part of our team!!!

This Fall Swap will be her first as our photographer, but her family has been a part of our swap community for many years. In fact, her Mom, Ginger Ferguson, is one of our official volunteers. Krista will be walking around the swap, capturing the day with her camera but she will also be in the Linn County 4H spaces - E-1 and E-2 - from time to time. Be sure you stop by and thank her for being a part of the swaps and all her hard work! She also has some really cute SQ bunnies for sale...and the 4Hers will be doing face painting 

Krista has been running a contest on her photography page for the Fall Swap. The winning photo will be matted and auctioned off. Please visit her page and vote on the photos in the contest...and give her page a "like" while you are there  One of our lucky swap goers will thank you for it!!! 

Krista Ferguson Photography on Facebook

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Swap reminders for the day 

No smoking or tobacco products (including E-cigs) are allowed at the swap or at the Benton County Fairgrounds. They are 100% no tobacco property - inside and outside the buildings. How serious are we? Vendors were banned from our swaps last year for breaking this rule.

No pets allowed. No comfort or therapy dogs allowed. These are not Service animals under the law. This includes dogs in carriers or being carried. No dogs period. We have enough staff and knowledge this year to make sure only Service dogs enter the arena.

No alcohol may be sold or consumed at the swap or on Benton County Fairgrounds property. If you win one of our many bottles of wine in the raffle, you will have to wait till you get home to enjoy it 

No selling from your car. We do have a security team and they will be patrolling all parking lots (even behind buildings so don't try and hide lol) all day long. We will find you 

Keep an eye on your children - vendors and shoppers. We have plenty of roosters needing homes and we have espresso 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Indoor Spaces Sold Out....3 Outside spaces available

As of tonight, all spaces within the arena are sold out.  We are not accepting anymore registrations for them.  However, we do still have 3 outside spaces available for $10 each. They do not come with a table but you do have power outlets.  Tarps and canopies are required for these spaces no matter what the weather is - you and your animals must be protected.  Tarps should be larger than your space (approx 10x15). Contact Laura Castle or use the Buy It Now button on the Fall Swap tab to grab one of these last Fall Swap spaces!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Artisanal Caramels at the Swap - One Fork Farm!

Let's talk caramels....artisanal caramels, locally sourced here in the Willamette Valley. Let's talk about One Fork Farms, our Fall Swap Vendor Spotlight today. David and his family joined our Swap community in the Spring, introducing us to their amazing, melt in your mouth caramels. You cannot buy just one flavor, you have to buy a bag of each flavor, trust us!!!

In addition to caramels, they also raise heritage meat rabbits which we will get to enjoy at the Fall Swap. Their products are sold in various shops and restaurants in the Valley so we feel extremely honored to have them as vendors at our swaps. One Fork Farm will be occupying space G-7 at the swap so be sure you stop by and enjoy the bounty they are bringing to the swap (they bring samples!)! I promise you that you will not be disappointed!!

One Fork Farm Facebook Page 

One Fork Farm website

Contact One Fork Farm

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Tonight's Fall Swap Vendor Spotlight is on Rosa Thurber with Xccessorize. Rosa's first swap appearance was at our first Fall Swap at the Benton County Fairgrounds 4 years ago. She continually comes up with new "chicken themed" hobo bags, lanyards, jewelry pouches, jewelry, hair scrunchies etc to entice and excite our poultry loving crowd. Rosa does not own any poultry herself, but she fits right in with us!

I (Laura Castle) personally own one of her hobo bags and this year, she made all the Fall lanyards for the Fall staff's name badges. She takes customs orders year round and can be found at craft fairs and the Farmer's Market in Corvallis. This year, she created a special jewelry pouch for the swap using chicken wire fabric and she promises she has come up with new bags for the Fall Swap. Her work and creativity is exquisite so please put G14 on your shopping list for the Fall Swap. Get yourself a "Rosa bag" or other fun item! She will be revealing more Swap specials on her page so be sure you stop by see what awaits us in 2 weeks!

Xcessorize on Facebook

Contact Rosa

Vendor Catalog Issues

Please be patient and keep checking back for the Vendor Catalog.  The link is getting so many hits at one time that it is timing out...however, it does come back quickly so just keep checking.  If you are a member of Facebook and our Fall Swap group, you can find the document in the Files section of the group - no link to follow :)

Thank you for your interest in the Vendor Catalog and Fall Swap!

Spaces Available

We had a few spaces open up overnight due to conflicting schedules.  One of them is a premium crafter space on the concrete (these sold out very fast).  All are no power and all cost $25 each.  Contact Laura Castle for information on getting one of these spaces.

Outside spaces are still available too.