Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chickenstock Vendor Catalog - Final Copy

This is the final version of the 
this coming Saturday, August 1st  
Brownsville, OR - Pioneer Park.  

Happy Shopping and we will you in the park there!

P.S. Don't forget to bring food for Sharing Hands Food Drive.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Soap Making Demo at Chickenstock!!!

This is a repost from our public FB page:

Kaitlin Boyce
7/27/2015 at 5:56am

Hello all! Make sure you stop by the Oregon Homestead booth at Chickenstock (This Saturday!) for a FREE demo on how to make soap. We will also have soap making kits for sale, as well as plenty of finished product (hint: we have chicken soaps!) Looking forward to seeing you there!

You will be able to find their booths on the East Side of the Swap along the building.  We are very excited to have a soap demonstrator at our swaps now (she will be at the Fall one too!) so be sure and stop by!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Seed Swaps at the Swaps in 2016!!

It's official! We will be hosting seed swaps at our Swaps starting in 2016! We are going to start with the Winter and Spring Swaps and see how it goes. People are excited about this new part of our swaps....we're excited about it too! A "Want List" will be posted at the Fall Swap (and in the FB group and even on our new website) for those interested in participating. This is going to be run by our swap community members (that's the people who attend and support our swaps - YOU), we will just provide the space and supplies. Everyone is welcome to take part and we really want the communities to get involved!!  Save your seeds and come swap with us!  You can read about it here and we will have more information as we get closer to the Fall Swap in Corvallis!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Important Paypal Information!

Long read, but important so please read: This is an FYI to anyone sending money via Paypal to us: PLEASE make sure you type in the Paypal address correctly off our forms.
When you send money to us it will say you have sent money to us - Oregon Poultry Swap Inc. It will NOT say anything else. This is the only account that is tied to our registered nonprofit corporation.
We have just been alerted to a fraud situation that has been happening with our old email account - oregonpoultryswap@gmail.com - since 2013. A person who had access to this account in 2013 used our email account to open a Paypal account for themselves to scam money from you, our community. They used the business name of House of J Assistants.
The entire situation has been turned over to the Fraud Dept at Paypal and I have to say, I am very impressed. They have returned money that was taken tonight from vendors and have put a hold on the Paypal account until the person contacts them directly. No more money, even money mistakenly sent to this old email address will be sent to them. Paypal is very aware that this money has been stolen and possible legal actions may occur. So please, just be careful when typing in Paypal accounts, for any business. And thank you for supporting us - Oregon Poultry Swap Inc.!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Soap Making Demonstration at Chickenstock!

Our Swaps are so much more than just poultry and animals!  If you are coming to Chickenstock on August 1st in Brownsville, be sure and stop by our Soap Making Demonstration by Kaitlin Vickroy. She will have a space set up on the East side of the swap at the end of the building.  She will also be selling her soap. Don't miss out on this exciting chance to learn about soap making and pick up some new soaps as well!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Food Drive for Sharing Hands - Brownsville at Chickenstock!

Our Give Back Program will be donating all the food collected at Chickenstock to Sharing Hands in Brownsville.  There will be donation tubs at the front of the swap near the Registration Desk.  Sharing Hands accepts all non-perishable foods, pet food, fresh fruit and produce and fresh eggs.  Please help us give back to the community of Brownsville by donating!