Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fall Swap - Animal Costume Contest

There has been mention of the Animal Costume Contest we are having at the Fall Swap. It's not a rumor, it's happening smile emoticon However, due to our increased biosecurity measures and education on not bringing your pets and unnecessary animals to our swaps, it will be a virtual contest with photos. You may start submitting your dressed up animals (any animal - domestic or farm) now to the Fall Organizer, Laura Castle.
The photos will be printed on quality photo paper and displayed at the swap. Everyone who attends the swap will be able to vote and choose our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Your photos will be judged on creativity and quality. The winners will receive a ribbon, a special prize and will grace our Fall Facebook Group banner for the year.
So dress up those animals and get the photos sent in! This contest is open to anyone who will be attending the swap. Sorry but you must attend the swap to win.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Are you on Facebook?

Did you know we have a public Facebook page  that we update daily with information about all our swaps, educational articles and just fun posts and photos??  Follow us....stay up to date and have fun!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beautiful and Successful Day in Rickreall!!!

We would like to thank everyone who helped make our First Annual Winter Poultry Swap a HUGE success last Saturday! Mother Nature was very kind to us too with warm temperatures and abundant sunshine.  It was a beautiful winter day.  We had over 2000 people shopping (and over 60 vendors selling) in our 2 buildings at Polk County Fairgrounds - all poultry was sold within the first 2 hours!!!  Madeline Benoit, with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, even ran out of all the brochures, videos and handouts she brought for us!  We even made the Sunday Statesman Journal and the Polk County Itemizer-Observer!!!

Some numbers for you:

  • We had an unofficial count of over 2000 people in attendance
  • We had over 60 vendors from around Oregon
  • We collected 115 lbs of canned food for the Marion/Polk County Food Banks
  • We helped collect 100 spent hens/roosters for the Farmers Ending Hunger Project that were donated to the Dallas Food Bank

Signups for next year's Winter Swap have already begun.  You can find all the information and documents needed to join the fun on our Winter Swap page.  You can also sign up for our Summer, Fall and Spring 2016 swaps now too.  We hope to see you at our Swaps in 2015 and 2016!!

You can find a link to the photos of the day on our Photo Album page.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Swap Swag!

The latest order of Swap Swag was picked up today....we have to say, we are loving the new combinations that people keep creating with the colors and logos! A few new favorites this time around.... Remember, wear Swap Swag to the Swaps this year and receive 20 free raffle tickets! 

To order your own Swap Swap, contact us for more information on the colors, styles, sizes and prices.  We also have totes :)

Farmers Ending Hunger Project at the Winter Swap

We were contacted by a Senior from Central High School and his mentor who has teamed up with Farmers Ending Hunger and Mineral Springs Poultry for his Senior Project. They will be accepting spent hens, roosters and turkeys in Outside Stall #1 of the Arts & Crafts Building. All Chickens or Turkeys collected will be processed and donated to the Dallas community food bank to help end hunger within the local community. 

Only HEALTHY SPENT Chickens or Turkeys will be accepted. By healthy spent we mean hens no longer laying or that one too many rooster we all seem to end up with from time to time. No sick poultry will be accepted.

Please help this young man with his project and help feed the hungry in the local community!  We are hopeful to be able to team up with Farmers Ending Hunger and Mineral Springs Poultry to continue this cause at all our swaps in the future.

Our Fundraising Director, Christine Strawn is heading up this project. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Keep Your Flock Safe!!! Biosecurity and Quarantining Information from OPS Inc

As we get closer to the Winter Swap, it is time to start reminding everyone attending that we take biosecurity at our swaps very seriously and it is important that you do too. It is everyone's responsibility. Our long standing clean record is a result of increased education and stricter policies and procedures. Education is the key and that is why we have teamed up with ODA and USDA. It is important to know that these two agencies support our events and backyard chicken owners. This is why they have reached out to us will be at all of our swaps in 2015 to assist and educate our community. They reached out to us way before the AI outbreak but ironically, it was perfect time. They will be set up in the Arts and Crafts Building at the Winter Swap. You will see this poster along with many others posted around the swap to assist you in understanding your part in keeping YOUR swaps and YOUR flocks safe and clean. We thank you for doing your part!

How to Protect Your Birds - Backyard Biosecurity

And this is an article about quarantining we've been using for quite awhile at the swaps. We urge everyone to read it and implement it. Have a plan, have an area, and do not cut corners. Quarantine education along with insuring only healthy animals come to our swaps has been the key for us.

Save Your Flock! Quarantine Information