Sunday, October 18, 2015

Give Back Program - Fall Event Update

Food Drive Update: We are pleased to announce that a total of 238lbs of food was collected at our Fall event and donated to the Mary's River Gleaners, our food drive partner for the Fall!!! Added to the 2,781lbs that Wilco donated, that puts us over the goal of 3,000lbs!

Final Total: 3.019 lbs!!!!

Thank you each and everyone of you who donated!!! We could not have done it without you!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Final Vendor Catalog

This is the final 
for the Fall Poultry and Homesteading Event on Saturday, October 10th!  
143 spaces are now filled with vendors from around Oregon and Washington.  
We hope to see you there!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Biosecurity at our Fall Event

We would like to remind everyone attending our Fall Poultry and Homesteading Faire of these very important things. ONE, use our Sanitation Stations set up outside each of the two entrances to the Arena. Use them when you enter and when you leave. Poultry diseases are spread on shoes and clothing - even hair - so using our stations will greatly reduce the chance of you bringing something to our event as well as taking something home with you. Use the hand sanitizer provided by vendors and OPS Inc. often! TWO, change your clothes and shoes before coming to our event and upon returning home. Again, diseases are spread on clothing and shoes. And THREE, quarantine all animals you purchase at our event. The recommended time is 30 days. Have a plan and make sure you follow through with it. Report any issues that may arise to the seller, OPS Inc and the ODA if necessary. We are starting our 4th year "clean" so you can see that we take the safety and health of our events very seriously. Please do your part and take responsibility for keeping our events and everyone's flocks and herds healthy!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Benton County Fairgrounds Reader Board Photo Contest Winner!

We would like to Congratulate Chris Ricard and Nicole Champagne of Celestial Farms for the winning photo that will be displayed on the reader board at the fairgrounds announcing our Fall event!! The board had such a hard time choosing a photo - there were so many awesome pictures - that we had our interns choose. Yep, we copped out lol...but we feel they made a great choice! All the photos submitted will be on display in the arena so be sure you stop by and see how hard the decision truly was! Thank you to everyone who entered - it was fun!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Vendor Catalog!

The first release of the Fall Vendor Catalog has been published!  

Happy Shopping!!

(next release will be the week of October 5th)

Wilco Donation To Mary's River Gleaners!

At the end of August, Wilco's in Corvallis and Lebanon coordinated with us to donate their leftover produce from their annual sale to Mary's River Gleaner's in Corvallis.  This is the post made by our Give Back Director, Christy Henderson.

"It's official! The final numbers are in! In a beautiful, wonderful effort coordinated by Oregon Poultry Swaps, one of our partners, Wilco with Thurman Main taking lead; 2, 781 pounds of produce was donated to our Fall & Spring Swap Food Drive partner, Mary's River Gleaners!
The Corvallis and Lebanon Wilco stores took part, two truckloads were picked up and the produce was distributed out a few hours ago at Mary's River Gleaners, the largest gleaners group in the area supporting 932 people! 2, 781 pounds of food were kept from the trash and got into the hands of families who will put the produce to great use!
We would love to thank our own Thurman Main at Wilco for making it a possibility, the Corvallis and Lebanon Wilco stores for being willing to donate, and the Mary's River Gleaners for being willing to pick up and distribute!"

Our new goal for the Fall Poultry and Homesteading Faire in Corvallis next month is 3000lbs. Currently Del's Feed and Farm Supply in Philomath is assisting us in reaching this goal by accepting food donations in return for a 10% off coupon.  The Philomath Express covered this story and we will be presenting a request to the Philomath Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, September 17, for more assistance from the community.  Help us Give Back by bringing food - nonperishable, fresh produce or eggs, even pet food to the Fall Poultry and Homesteading Faire at the Benton County Fairgrounds Indoor Arena on October 10th.  Donation bins will be located within the building.  Thank you in advance for joining our efforts and supporting your community!