Friday, June 26, 2015

Fun in the Park - August 1st, Brownsville, OR

Our Chickenstock is part of a bigger event in Pioneer Park on August 1st.  Be sure and join us for a day of fun and sun in Brownsville!  We promise you, you will not be disappointed - there is something for everyone!!!

Pioneer Park Events - August 1st

Countdown has begun!

Ok everyone it's that time again...time to remind everyone - shoppers and vendors and general looky-loos :) - attending Chickenstock to make sure you read all the rules/guidelines of our swaps - - and remind you of the following:

*No alcohol
*No smoking (this includes e-cigs)
*No pets (of any kind - legal service - not comfort or therapy - dogs only)
*Parking is allowed in parking lots only - this is the map of the venue site  - - parking will not be allowed in the unloading zone - you will be towed.
*And no unattended children. Please keep your children with you at all times. This is for their safety and the safety of the animals at our swap. Plus we are serious about the free rooster thing :)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Biosecurity at Chickenstock!

As we approach our next swap (45 days to go!) - Chickenstock - we have started reminding our vendors and attendees about Biosecurity at our swaps - our requirements and their responsibility. Many people like to think it is the Swap's complete responsibility to provide a safe environment. No, it is a collaborative effort - us, vendors and shoppers. Over the years we have continually implemented procedures and policies to ensure the continued clean record at our swaps. Staying vigilante and seeking and providing constant education has been the key. Most recently, we teamed up with Madeline Benoit at the ODA to take biosecurity at our swaps to a whole new level. We introduced this at our Winter Swap with great success. Our work with Maddie continues both at the swaps and behind the scenes.
This is an overview of what is required and requested from those who attend and sell at our swaps:

Vendors must only bring healthy animals and disinfected equipment - integrity and responsibility. Out of state vendors must provide proof of legal entry into the state of Oregon. All animals are accounted for on Intake Forms. Vendors should not allow their animals to be touched through the cages and must require hand sanitizing (animal vendors must have sanitizer available at their tables) before and after animals are handled. Sellers must provide contact information and other information regarding the sale/animal that is requested to the buyer. Equipment brought to the swaps (including tarps) must be clean and disinfected or new. Vendors are reminded to clean and disinfect everything after the swap as well as changing their clothes prior to and after the swap. All animals are inspected for discharge, breathing issues, sores, thin frames, comb/waddle coloring, ears/nose (beak)/eyes, feet, feathering issues and parasites. If the animal does not pass, the vendor is not allowed to sell at the swap. This includes animals found with parasites - they cannot be treated and then sold. Vendors are given a Pass, Fail or Conditional Fail. Conditional Fails require attention within an allotted time frame - cleaning equipment, larger cage, providing food and water, etc. All health issues receive a Fail. Inspections are done prior to the swap and throughout the day. All animals must have a large enough cage to move around in (stand up) - no overcrowding, and be provided with food and water at all times during the swap.

Spray and scrub your shoes prior to entering and leaving the swap at our Sanitation Stations and change your clothes prior to and after attending the swap. Bring only disinfected and clean cages to the swap for your purchases. Sanitize your hands often, do not touch animals through cages and do not allow your children to touch them. Follow through on quarantining all animals purchased at the swap for a minimum of 30 days and disinfect any cages brought to the swap for your purchases upon returning home. Shoppers should make sure they get contact information and other pertinent information about their purchases from the seller. All animals brought into the swap are restricted (no pets allowed) and/or inspected prior to entering the venue area.
We encourage and implore those who attend our swaps if you see anything that you feel needs our attention - anything at all - please bring it to our attention immediately. All the Board Members, staff and volunteers wear name tags or badges. We cannot correct issues after the fact so your prompt attention will help us keep your swaps safe, clean and problem free!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Join Us!

Our 2015/2016 Swap Line Up including our newest Summer Swap in Canby, OR! Yes, we are returning to Canby in 2016 to kick off Summer!  Vendor spaces are now available (see our Canby Swap page), contact us for more details!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fall Swap - Animal Costume Contest

There has been mention of the Animal Costume Contest we are having at the Fall Swap. It's not a rumor, it's happening smile emoticon However, due to our increased biosecurity measures and education on not bringing your pets and unnecessary animals to our swaps, it will be a virtual contest with photos. You may start submitting your dressed up animals (any animal - domestic or farm) now to the Fall Organizer, Laura Castle.
The photos will be printed on quality photo paper and displayed at the swap. Everyone who attends the swap will be able to vote and choose our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Your photos will be judged on creativity and quality. The winners will receive a ribbon, a special prize and will grace our Fall Facebook Group banner for the year.
So dress up those animals and get the photos sent in! This contest is open to anyone who will be attending the swap. Sorry but you must attend the swap to win.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Are you on Facebook?

Did you know we have a public Facebook page  that we update daily with information about all our swaps, educational articles and just fun posts and photos??  Follow us....stay up to date and have fun!!