Sick Chicken

Sometimes chickens just get sick. All types of poultry can get sick, and often it's difficult to judge whether or not it is a contagious disease, or just a temporary illness that is only limited to one bird.

We've included some information and links here to help you understand what a sick chicken (or any other poultry) looks like. You should not bring a sick animal to a swap. Or to anywhere else for that matter.

Early Detection Of Signs of Disease
It is very important to prevent the spread of disease. Symptoms that signal something might be wrong with your birds include:
Sudden death
Egg Production- Decreased or loss of ; soft-shelled, misshapen eggs
Sneezing, gasping for air, nasal discharge, coughing
Lack of energy and appetite
Swelling of tissues around eyes and in neck
Wattles, Combs, Legs -Purple discoloration
Muscular tremors
Drooping wings
Twisting of head 
and neck, uncoordinated, complete paralysis

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Very descriptive article, including helpful photos on controlling mites in your flock
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Please do your part to help prevent the spread of disease by keeping sick poultry at home.